Tuesday, July 13, 2010

my life blows my mind.

i am officially in love... with my life.
i can't believe how lucky i am...
i get to go in to work every morning and shine.
i get to help people.
i get to bring laughter and love into the room.
i get to watch new life come into the world.
i get to experience humanity in all its raw glory.
i get to watch people bleed and be healed.
i get to feel sadness and loss and grow from it.
my life blows my mind.
i am SO glad i signed up for it.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

strange and wonderful.

so i've been feeling good for the past couple of weeks. and given the experience i've had over the last couple of months, it's a welcome change. but at the same time, it feels odd... like i've fallen into someone else's life and this person is happy and fulfilled. it's strange. and wonderful. and i am ├╝ber grateful for these moments of joy.

i am surrounded by friends. i am meeting new people. i am learning lots of new things. i am about to have countless new adventures. i am growing. and loving. and living.

wish me luck... even though i don't think i need it. cuz i am already stoked on my life. :D