Monday, September 27, 2010

it's funny...

... how quickly things can change.
i can go from totally excited to kinda 'meh' in 3 seconds flat.
i felt special and noticed... and then i didn't.
i felt ordinary again. Boom. just like that.

it's no big deal, it is what it is,
but I definitely felt better when I was excited.
oh well, let's just see what happens.
whatever does happen, it will certainly be something different than this...
the thing that is happening right now.
besides, there are many things to be done this week,
and that was only one.

tomorrow is a new day. full of new stuff.
and it will be good to start a new day.
clean slate.
all the while, remembering how funny it is...
when things change.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


i feel good when i feel useful.
when i help.

today, i dragged myself out of bed.
on 6 hours of sleep... which is not enough for me.
and i got dressed up in my doctor-clothes.
and i drove out to Lennox.

the people were lined up outside and welcomed me in with smiles...
... they knew i was there to help... i was wearing my white coat and stethy was around my neck.

i felt useful right away.

i sat in a room full of white-coats,
and one by one we were called upon to help.

i helped people who were afraid to get their blood drawn.
i talked to families and answered their health-related questions.
little kids were my patients... i felt competent and useful.

all because i dragged myself out of bed and drove to Lennox.
i feel SO good. because i helped.

i hope i remember this the next time i get asked to drive out to Lennox to help.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

thanks, but no thanks.

hello, little voice inside my head.
please stop confusing me.
no means no.

regardless of how great i think i would be as a Pediatrician,
i cannot....
i will not.....
i REFUSE to subject myself to that much pain and discomfort on the daily.
not gonna happen.

and yes, i love the shit outta some kids.
and yeah, they mostly love me.
and the parents seem to think i am pretty neat.
but all that being said, i should not...
i cannot...
i will not....
i REFUSE to leave work crying.
and i am not going to be the person who dreads waking up in the morning because it means i have to go to work.

no thanks. not gonna happen.

so thank you, medical school, for exposing me to the field of Pediatrics.
and thank you HUCLA, for showing me the reality of childhood illness.
and thank you, everyone who saw me in action, for letting me be me.
i wish i was stronger and capable of detaching myself from my feelings.
but as it turns out, i am just not built that way.
and that is ok.

so farewell, my dream of becoming the world's greatest Pediatrician.
thanks, but no thanks.

... and hello Ob/Gyn... it looks like we're in it for the long haul...
and i'm in it to win it.

this is gonna be an amazing journey.
i hope it lands me close to home.

oh that hoodie

how i hate it.
but i can't seem to throw it away.
i'm the worst pack-rat ever.
but seriously... what made you think that i would love it?
it is such a small thing...
i think that the moment i saw it was the moment i realized we might be over.
i felt so misunderstood.

it is the hoodie of misunderstanding.
i kinda feel bad for it.

it is so sad.

that is probably why i can't throw it away... who could reject something that is already so sad?

so it will sit there.
in that clothes pile.
for a little longer.
until it isn't as sad.
until it has regained some dignity.

and then i will kill it with fire.

Monday, September 20, 2010

i knew it

so, i knew it was over, i think i just had to hear it from you.
and then i had to say it outloud.
It's over.
i guess i'm mooving on.
the strangest part of it all is that i've come to realize that it is not the relationship i miss, it's just you. Yup. and I know you miss me too. it's ok.
our feelings for eachother were never unmatched. we were both floored by our love for each other at the start. it was almost enough... our love.
until it wasn't.
and we both realized that we were never going to feel complete if we stayed together.
it was never right again after that first February.
3 months in and it was pretty wrecked.
i know this now... only because hindsight is 20/20.
and i'm doing work to move forward and learn from it all.

all this, to say: i think we are both going to be fine. i know it, in fact.
in the meantime, just know that i am here. nearby. very probably thinking of you when you are thinking of me. still somewhat in sync. keeping each other warm from a distance. safe. and never feeling alone.

thank you. and bye for now.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

i touched your spleen, little girl!

yesterday i dug around in a girl's insides...
in an attempt to make her better.
i think we did it.
i hope we did, anyway.
regardless, it felt great...
like i was finally solving a problem.
i felt useful, even though all i did was watch the surgeons work their magic...
oh, and i helped close her up a little.

but to me, it wasn't just about the surgery...
i've been able to be there for the family.
i brought them down to the PACU to see their little girl once she was out of surgery...
they were SO grateful.
parents are tough, but super cool.
and i love that they trust us with their babies.

today i brought her a little toy from my happy meal.
she didn't know it was for her, or that it was from me, but her dad did.
he knew i brought it because i was thinking about her.
he was grateful.
it made my heart warm.

soon she will feel better.
it will be easier for her to breathe.
she will never know what we did for her... she will never understand.
but i will know. i'll remember it forever.
i touched her little spleen, and in a way... it touched me too.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

... and now for a musical number...

what will this day be like? i wonder....
what will my future be? i wonder...
it could be so exciting... to be out in the world... to be free...
my heart should be wildly rejoicing...
oh, what's the matter with me?

i've always longed for adventure...
to do the things i've never dared...
now here i'm facing adventure, then why am i so scared?

oh i must stop these doubts all these worries...
if i don't i just know i'll turn back.
i must dream of the things i am seeking...
i am seeking the courage i lack.
the courage to serve them with reliance...
face my mistakes without defiance
show them i'm worthy... and while i show them... i'll show ME!

so... let them bring on all their problems,
i'll do better than my best.
i have confidence they'll put me to the test...
but i'll make them see i have confidence in me.

somehow i will impress them...
i will be firm but kind.
and all those children (heaven bless them),
they will look up to me... and mind me.
with each step i am more certain,
everything will turn out fine.
i have confidence the world can all be mine,
they'll have to agree i have confidence in me.

i have confidence in sunshine,
i have confidence in rain,
i have confidence that Spring will come again,
besides which, you see, i have confidence in me.

strength doesn't lie in numbers...
strength doesn't lie in wealth...
strength lies in nights of peaceful slumbers
when you wake up WAKE UP! it's healthy...

all i trust i leave my heart to...
all i trust becomes my own...
i have confidence in confidence alone....

oh, help.

i have confidence in confidence alone....
besides which, you see, i have confidence in ME!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


i'm craving time off...super duper bad.
i'm craving a warm touch... even though i know it isn't too far off.
i'm craving peace of mind, and serenity.
i'm craving confidence and ease.
i'm craving knowledge.
i'm craving stability.
i'm craving rest and sleep.

but most of all, i'm craving you.
the you i have yet to meet.
the you i just let go of.
the you i will see soon.
all of you.