Monday, September 20, 2010

i knew it

so, i knew it was over, i think i just had to hear it from you.
and then i had to say it outloud.
It's over.
i guess i'm mooving on.
the strangest part of it all is that i've come to realize that it is not the relationship i miss, it's just you. Yup. and I know you miss me too. it's ok.
our feelings for eachother were never unmatched. we were both floored by our love for each other at the start. it was almost enough... our love.
until it wasn't.
and we both realized that we were never going to feel complete if we stayed together.
it was never right again after that first February.
3 months in and it was pretty wrecked.
i know this now... only because hindsight is 20/20.
and i'm doing work to move forward and learn from it all.

all this, to say: i think we are both going to be fine. i know it, in fact.
in the meantime, just know that i am here. nearby. very probably thinking of you when you are thinking of me. still somewhat in sync. keeping each other warm from a distance. safe. and never feeling alone.

thank you. and bye for now.

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