Saturday, September 25, 2010


i feel good when i feel useful.
when i help.

today, i dragged myself out of bed.
on 6 hours of sleep... which is not enough for me.
and i got dressed up in my doctor-clothes.
and i drove out to Lennox.

the people were lined up outside and welcomed me in with smiles...
... they knew i was there to help... i was wearing my white coat and stethy was around my neck.

i felt useful right away.

i sat in a room full of white-coats,
and one by one we were called upon to help.

i helped people who were afraid to get their blood drawn.
i talked to families and answered their health-related questions.
little kids were my patients... i felt competent and useful.

all because i dragged myself out of bed and drove to Lennox.
i feel SO good. because i helped.

i hope i remember this the next time i get asked to drive out to Lennox to help.

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