Thursday, September 9, 2010

i touched your spleen, little girl!

yesterday i dug around in a girl's insides...
in an attempt to make her better.
i think we did it.
i hope we did, anyway.
regardless, it felt great...
like i was finally solving a problem.
i felt useful, even though all i did was watch the surgeons work their magic...
oh, and i helped close her up a little.

but to me, it wasn't just about the surgery...
i've been able to be there for the family.
i brought them down to the PACU to see their little girl once she was out of surgery...
they were SO grateful.
parents are tough, but super cool.
and i love that they trust us with their babies.

today i brought her a little toy from my happy meal.
she didn't know it was for her, or that it was from me, but her dad did.
he knew i brought it because i was thinking about her.
he was grateful.
it made my heart warm.

soon she will feel better.
it will be easier for her to breathe.
she will never know what we did for her... she will never understand.
but i will know. i'll remember it forever.
i touched her little spleen, and in a way... it touched me too.

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