Tuesday, July 5, 2011

just remember this:

as i lay my head down on my pillow to go to sleep tonight...
i am thinking about shit i have no business thinking about.
which is DEFINITELY NOT the way to go.

i am losing my grip on reality.
and it sucks.

so for now,
i think i need to remember that i am awesome
and that the past has nothing to do with me
and my present and future are all that matters.

because the past will not change.
and i have everything i want and/or need.
and i will not be comforted with the knowledge of what has been.
because i really don't want to know.

so if i can remember anything in this moment...
it's this:
mind your own business, Carla.
everything else has nothing to do with you.
leave it alone.
and go to sleep.
you need the rest.

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