Tuesday, October 5, 2010

hey, mister!... i totally touched your jugular!

so here i was...
all up in this guy's neck.
for realz.
no exaggeration.
all the way down to the bone.
tearing the cancer out of his face....

and all i could think was...
that is TOTALLY his jugular vein...
and i NEED to touch it.

so i did.

i caressed it gently...
cuz what other way is there to touch a guy's jugular?

and all i can think now is...
i am probably gonna be one of the only people in the world to EVER touch his jugular vein.

i am officially rad.

my life is amazing and i need to STFU whenever i think of all the stuff in my life that irritates me....
because when it comes down to it, my life blows most peoples' lives out of the water.
i win.

and i'm ├╝ber grateful for all of it.

(thank you, HP)

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