Sunday, October 17, 2010


you know,
... all i wanted was a modicum of self-restraint.
that was all i thought i needed.
just a hint of moderation in my life.

but here i am, with years of time under my belt...
and i have been given this huge and unexpected gift.

not only have i learned what it means to be here, in this moment, devoid of fear...
but i have also been handed a life larger and fuller than i am able to manage in and of my self.
and thanks to it all, i am not afraid to live it.

moderation is for suckers.
balls to the wall...
this is how i am living my life.
taking risks.
fucking up.
learning lessons.
going to bed comfortable and waking up whole.

so fuck temperance. fuck moderation. i'm here to live to the fullest.
and because of my clarity and right-mindedness, it is likely that i'll be around for a long time to enjoy it.

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