Wednesday, December 15, 2010


it never fails... people will always disappoint me.

whether it is the friend who stopped calling for whatever reason,
or the other friend who doesn't show up or call when they are supposed to...
i will always be disappointed. it is a given.
sad. but true.

but this doesn't mean that i get to give up hope.
because as much as people disappoint me, there are those who never cease to amaze me.

like my mom, who sends me greeting cards in the mail because she knows i need to feel supported right now.
or the boys who open doors for me so i can feel just a little bit girlie.
or the new friends who text me to wish me luck on a big exam.
or the old friends call me to tell me that they love me.

it's a balance.
and it is delicate.
and i'm grateful for it all.
because i know that the people who are showing up for me now, are the people who count.
they are the ones that matter, because i matter to them.
and the ones who are disappointing me, are not horrible people,
they just aren't the people i need to have in my life right now.
and that is ok.
because when it comes down to it, i have all i need.

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