Tuesday, March 29, 2011

best burfday ever.

this year has been amazing.
it has run the gamut from horribly-horrible, to wonderfully-wonderful.
and i am lucky for it all.

i have spent the past few days with my people.
the people that love me.
the people i love.
and it has been all kinds of awesome.
but the fun party-time stuff isn't all that has been going on...

in the past few days i have managed to alter the way i interact with the world around me...
in a HUGE way.
i have righted old wrongs,
i have closed old doors,
i have rejoiced in new friendships,
and i have grown immensely.

i feel as though i have entered my 34th year of life as a new woman.
stronger, more powerful, and more loving than i have ever been.
and even though i know i have a lot more to learn,
and many more ways to grow,
i know that i have come light years in just a few days.
and that blows my mind.

it is never too late to make start anew.
i thought i would feel the way i felt forever.
trapped in my emotions, letting them rule me.
but it was a lie.
and this lie has been shattered.
i am no longer a slave to the old Me.
i can do it all differently.

and that is a beautiful thing.

i can't wait to see what this year has in store for me!

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