Saturday, November 27, 2010

awesome in its simplicity.

"words can be meager things. sometimes they fall short."

this is the line that made me stop what i was doing and take a moment to pause in the brilliance of it.

"there they go again," he continued, "there go those words fallin' short again... paltry things."

i was sitting here, in my living room, minding my own business, when all of the sudden i was struck... blind-sided, actually, by a line from one of my new favorite TV shows, The Walking Dead.
the main character was describing his experience, and lacked the words to truly embody what he went through.

i relate. i feel like i am constantly battling the fact that words have severe limitations.
there are moments in every day that i lack the words to describe how i am feeling, what i am doing, how you are acting...
all of my experiences, stifled by the fact that they cannot be expressed in their truest form, because there simply are not words enough to describe them all.

well, in an attempt to break free from this feeling i will merely say that in my purest moments i am either in love & faith or in fear & self. this is my truth.
and while i realize that this statement falls light years short of all that i truly want to say, it can and must be enough.

yet awesome.

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  1. My favorite is when I come across a writer who can describe my feelings that are so deep that I didn't even now how real they were until the writer writes about them with a combination of words far more poetic and pure than anything I could ever come up with. This is the power of the word to me.

    BTW- I love what you write.