Saturday, November 13, 2010

overnight call

overnight call at the hospital is disorienting.

i got to work and it was barely getting light out...
i watched the sun come up...
i ran around the hospital...
and then i watched the sun come up again.

i only slept a couple of hours through it all,
and the lack of a normal rhythm made it difficult to tell...
was i at work for a just few hours?
did it just seem long?
or am i right to feel this way?
a little absent-minded.
and a little emotionally drained.

did i dream it all?
it hardly felt real.
i helped operate on some people.
i rounded on patients and they loved me for it.
i decided i hate being in the ER when i'm tired...
cuz belligerent drunkards are annoying as shit.

and now that i have slept it off, why do it still feel a wee-bit strange?
i still feel like i'm dreaming.
it's wild.

so i try to get back into a routine...
i go do my regular friday night thing.
i hang out with friends after, which is great fun,
not to mention the fact that it helps me to feel normal.
i catch up on my weekly teevee fix.
and yet, i feel just a little off kilter.

i think i need to get to the arclight.
that will fix it.

(anyone want to see megamind with me?? let's do it!!)

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