Tuesday, November 2, 2010

oh my good-ness

so i have come to realize that i am too good.
i love following the rules and living up to expectations.

i am SO good, in fact, that it has made me bad.

i am bad at thinking outside the box.
i kinda suck at not caring about what you think of me.
and worst of all, i shy away from taking risks.

so i go through my day a little timid.
shy, reserved, and afraid.

i don't like it.
not one bit.

so today, i am deciding to stop being quite so good.

i'm gonna take a risk tomorrow.
i am gonna stick my neck out...
and if i get cut, i get cut.
i have a feeling it won't kill me.
and i also think it will make me better and stronger.

so here i go.
good-bye my good-ness.

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