Friday, May 6, 2011

it's so crazy awesome...

it's super crazy fantastic how my life just got WAY better over the course of a few weeks.

i mean, it was already pretty effing good.
but NOW...
oh. my. god.
i feel like i've been waiting to feel this way for ages.

i've been alone for the past year, which has been amazing.
mostly because i haven't truly been alone.
i have been surrounded by people who care about me.
and i have become a pretty good friend.
i have enjoyed my solitude, and have found awesome new people to spend time with.
and amidst those people, there he was.
all along.
being awesome.
because that's just how he rolls.

and now, things are so incredible that i can hardly stand it.
he is sweeter than pie, and kinder than most, and he makes me feel warm and special.
he says things to me that i love to hear, and i'm pretty sure i return the favor.
it feels amazing to be so understood on so many levels.
he 'gets' me like i've never been 'got' before.
i feel like we both hit the jackpot.
win... squared.

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