Saturday, May 28, 2011

point of clarification.

just so we're clear...
Even if You show me Your crazy,
I am Still not allowed to Face-Shove you with Mine.
not because i am not empowered.
and not because i have lost the power of choice.
but because that's Just not how i'm rollin' these days.
besides, crazy doesn't go well with my complexion. 
so don't make me ruin.
cuz it's not that i'm not capable...
we are ALL capable of falling out.
I just can't live with those kind of consequences anymore.
no matter how hard my heart pounds in my chest.
no matter how much i want to scream at you to try and talk some "sense" into you.
i would rather be comfortable than prove to You that I am Right.

today, i am taking my power back.
because when i am sincere, and speak with purpose
(rather than with volume),
i stay at peace with myself.
because I won't have to amend my behavior later.
because that shit is humiliating.
especially when You are such a shitbag.

That is all.
Good talk.

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