Saturday, April 9, 2011

couch time

today would be considered a huge waste to most...
but today, i spent the day (and night) on the couch.

i slept on it, i ate on it, and i have sat and watched movies on it all day.
and it has been glorious.

this weekend has been pretty stellar all the way around.
i'm trying to enjoy myself before getting back to the grind on Monday...
which i am kinda dreading.
i don't like waking up to go to a job i dislike.
and i am not a huge fan of psychiatry or neurology.
so the next 4 weeks are kinda gonna suck a little.
especially since i have to study a ton on top of the work...
and i am having a tonsillectomy, so i am gonna be in some pain.
but it's cool. because i have braced myself for it:
i have learned to stockpile my joy and relaxation before embarking on a hellish period of time.
and that is exactly what i have done.

i went out to the movies with the fellas last night, and it was fun... i heart them.
i had couch time this week, which i adore.
i am eating delicious food, which makes me happy.
i talked to some people that mean a lot to me, and that has been wonderful.
i've been to the paa a bunch, which makes fills me up.
and i am getting my hair done tomorrow, which will make me feel pretty.

i feel like i am getting ready to come out of my burrow.
my safe place.
and that i will be equipped to handle it when i do have to go back out into the world.
psych patients are extremely draining...
not to mention that my life is somewhat exhausting.
but it is all good.
i have had the best spring break ever...
new friends, lots of love, and a full life.
and lots and lots of couch time.

i win.

thanks to everyone for being a part of my joy.
i am grateful for all of it. :)

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