Wednesday, April 20, 2011

if you are reading this...

so i have been posting a lot lately...
mostly because i have had a lot to say. duh.
but also because i seem to have forgotten that other people may be reading this.

well, if you are out there... hi.
i'm carla.
i'm a girl who is full of gratitude.
i have love and warmth in my life.
i give off light when i am happy.
i smile a lot.
i get joy from what i do... even if it isn't awesome every single day.
i have a purpose and i work hard to get what i want.
i have friends who care about me a lot.
i get scared a little, but my fear doesn't rule me.
i am honest and open with the people who matter to me.
i get vulnerable and it can be frightening.
and i write and put it out into the world so that i can feel a little less alone.
... and so maybe you can feel a little less alone too.

i have shared some really personal and emotional stuff on this bloggy-thing over the past year.
it has been a crazy year...
full of love, loss, passion for my work, fear of losing everything, and finally some peace.
if you have read it, you know.
if not...
now you are all caught up.

basically, i just want to say that i appreciate you taking the time to share my experience.
thank you.
whoever you are.

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