Sunday, April 17, 2011


all i can say is... wow.

the past week has been amazing.
i didn't see this coming, and it is really really good.
i like surprises...
and this definitely qualifies.

part of me thinks that if you had told me 2 months ago that this would be happening,
i would have thought you were nuts.
but when i think about it...
i have been attracted to him since we first started getting to know each other.
there has always been a little something there.
for me, anyway.
regardless, there is a serious spark now.
and my GOD it's incredible.

the chemistry is perfect.
we fit.
and it is comfortable in a wonderful and unfamiliar way.

i had no idea this would happen.
i had (and continue to have) no expectations...
which is awesome.
but i definitely hope we continue to want the same things...
which i think is all anyone can hope for.
so i will keep on hoping for that.
right now we are on the same page with all of it.
which is a beautiful thing.
and i'm grateful for it.

this is all a beautiful thing.
i make him feel good and he returns the favor consistently.
i look at him and i smile.
it's pure happiness coming out of me when we are close to each other.
this has the makings of something really special
it already is special.
it's lovely.
and i think it's going to continue to evolve into something we are both going to enjoy.
hopefully for a long time.
but who knows...
i sure as hell don't.
i can just continue to show up and be myself and stay true to who i am and what i need.
it's been really working well so far...
and if it isn't broken, it doesn't need fixing.

it's perfect just as it is:
and mind-blowing.

i REALLY like it.
and i really like him.
a lot.

and now i need some sleep.
good night world.
thanks for being out there so i can feel like i get to share this with someone.
because it is Definitely worth sharing.

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